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  2. Post your Favorite Pic

    The first one was taken with a Nikon D7000 and a Nikkor 10mm fisheye. The next two were taken with a D70 and I think a 28mm Nikkor lens. I think the last one was with the D70, but I don't remember. It's the Yellowtail dam in Wyoming.
  3. Post your Favorite Pic

    Wow, those are great. What camera did you use?
  4. Post your Favorite Pic

    Here's a few of mine.
  5. iPad Aviation Apps

    I use Foreflight and I don't really have anything recent to compare it to, but I'm constantly amazed at all the new features they keep adding. In the Jet-A burning world there's a few other products that are more specialized and give you things products like Foreflight don't such as providing performance numbers, but Foreflight is starting to add more and more. Those other products cost several times more than Foreflight and are something you'd typically have if you flew professionally for a flight department that has a lot of pilots. If anyone is curious about the Performance Plus option in Foreflight, I have that along with the Jepp plates add on. I'm not sure anyone who doesn't fly professionally would want those extra features. The fuel planning options are quite nice though, and I they even have a profile set up for my 182. Basically the way it works is you select the profile for your plane depending on how fast you want to go and it then uses that profile to tell you which routes and altitudes work the best. The only thing I don't like about it is you just have a slider to adjust for more or less fuel burned, so you can't go in there and tweak the profiles.
  6. Many people use fltplan.com. In addition to ATC assigned routes you also get RAIM prediction which is nice if you plan on using GNSS. If you opt for the Peformance Plus plan in Foreflight you get both of those things.
  7. iPad Aviation Apps

    Curious what Aviation apps everyone has loaded on their iPads? I use FlyQ EFB from Seattle Avionics and Aerovie (best weather overlays in my opinion) I also use Aeroweather religiously, and have an app to do Weight and Balance for the Cirrus SR22. I'm interested in what EFBs others use...I use FlyQ because I got a lifetime subscription for $299 several years ago. But I'm guessing most everyone else uses foreflight...
  8. Hi, it's Mischa from Slipstream Aviation

    Nice fleet. Love the twin Comanche!
  9. Great advice by all above. I was taught the CRAFT method. but I typically file with www.fltplan.com and it will show the last few ATC assigned routes. 9/10 times that is the route that I will get so I'll have it on my pad - making read back easy.
  10. Post your Favorite Pic

    I love seeing pics that local pilots take. How about everyone share a favorite pic from a recent flight? Can be of your plane on the ground or from the air. Here's one I took recently after a flight. The jet in the background is the Discount Tire Corporate Jet
  11. Piper Sport down at ADS

    Someone said they have a rotary engine that is prone to vapor lock. I don't know much about the Piper Sport, hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in.
  12. Engine cleaning solvent

    I get mine at an independent hardware store.. They have varsol in the paint department near the other solvents. gary
  13. aaaaaannndddd we are baaaaaaaaack!

    Thank you! I can understand that! So, lets get this forum back up and Current. Everyone Start Posting!
  14. Piper Sport down at ADS

    Glad they survived. I hope they' recover quickly. The PS has an electric boost pump, so I wonder if they had bad fuel?
  15. A friend runs the FBO at Hawthorne Field (45R) in Hardin County (just North of Beaumont). He gets calls daily for instruction, but he has no instructors. He's got a plane to rent, but wold probably be happy with an instructor who had his own plane. If anyone's interested, I can send his contact info.
  16. aaaaaannndddd we are baaaaaaaaack!

    Koochie-koo... Glad your back up, David.... NTA is great and all, but trying to follow a discussion there is like conversing with a bunch of very distracted five year olds ( very hard to follow the conversation)
  17. aaaaaannndddd we are baaaaaaaaack!

    Rock and Roll
  18. Here is the preliminary report on the Piper Sport that went down at KADS a few days ago. Hard to follow the description of the witness account but sounds like they almost made it back to the field. https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20180312X51243&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=LA
  19. Engine cleaning solvent

    I need some engine cleaning solvent (i.e., Varsol, Mineral Spirits, Stoddard Solvent, etc.). In OKC, there was a place that sold it by the gallon out of a gasoline-style pump. It was great to fill up a 5-gallon can. Anyone know of a source around here?
  20. ICOM transceiver IC-A6 for sale

    Message at 817-718-4830 if interested
  21. ICOM transceiver IC-A6 for sale

    VHF air band transceiver IC-A6 works excellent, no cracks or issues. Doesn't have charger base station but has SP wall charger which charges it also. Asking $150 OBO for it
  22. Bought a new shed out back for my mower

    Nice.. that is a hangar!
  23. aaaaaannndddd we are baaaaaaaaack!

    Thank Guys! We are back. Going to try to get users and threads back to being more active. i need all of your help. start new threads, invite people to the site.... Not very often you go to a forum the is "Advertisement" Free....
  24. Is anyone still using this board?

    Thank Guys! We are back. Going to try to get users and threads back to being more active. i need all of your help. start new threads, invite people to the site.... Not very often you go to a forum the is "Advertisement" Free....
  25. Let the fun and frivolity begin again! vrrrrrooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm!!!!!
  26. Sport Pilot training in DFW?

    Aviator Air at KGPM does Sport Pilot training in a Tecnam Eaglet. http://www.aviatorair.com/sport-pilot.html
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