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Rules of Conduct

The following rules are here to make things a little easier on myself and add some order. I am hoping this site will grow and become the place to go for all your aviation needs as well as the place to come for questions and answers. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions feel free to contact me at david@dfwpilots.org. I'll do my best to accommodate any reasonable request. Enjoy the site!!

Rules of Conduct

1. Participate, have fun, invent, innovate, chat, plan, day-dream, and any other activity associated with this wonderful sport.

2. Respect others. Enough said.

3. We reserve the right to edit or delete any post, link, or image.

4. Please never use 906-rules-of-conduct tags to post a picture from another website unless it is your own website. This is called Hot Linking. What happens when this is done is that it actually uses the other websites bandwidth and storage space each time someone here at DFWpilots.org looks at the photo. To avoid this, please either attach the photo to the post or upload the photo to your photo gallery and then link to it there.

5. Avatars (small images under your posting name) should be in good taste and preferably Aviation related.

6. All forums have a main topic. When starting a new thread, make sure you do so in the proper forum. Also, please do not post the same question in more than one forum at a time. This cuts down on confusion and helps participants find the info they need.

7. Please do not post your phone number or address in the discussion forums. If you need to do so, use the Private message feature to pass that information along on a need to know basis.

8. Private messages should remain private. Never post the contents of a Private message except with the permission of the individual who sent it.

Terms and Conditions

By using this site’s information and forums, you herby agree to the rules of conduct and the terms and conditions of this site. By entering this forum you hold this site and its affiliates not legally responsible for any damages due to the advice given here. By using this site, you understand and agree that all advice given and followed are at your own risk. The opinions presented in the forums are those of the author and the author only, and not necessarily those of DFWpilots.org, its staff, or its affiliates. Participants are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given on DFWpilots.org.

DFWpilots.org encourages a free and open exchange of ideas in a climate of mutual respect. Any action by a participant that infringes on another participant’s right to use and enjoy this site is prohibited. Participants agree not to harass other participants or knowingly display any false, defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, racially offensive, sexually explicit or illegal material on this service.

Participation in discussions in the forums occurs in real time. DFWpilots.org cannot and does not screen messages in advance of their posting. We reserve the right to edit, delete, or move any message, at any time, for any reason. Generally, messages that are inline with the policies of this site and are in the spirit of knowledge exchange should have no problems.

Moderators are individuals who help keep the discussion forums running smoothly, answer questions, and solve problems regarding the technical use of this site. Without them, this site would not be possible. Moderators are given certain authorities to moderate certain areas of this site and to enforce the policies of this site. Moderators are not, however, official agents of DFWpiltos.org and as such, their statements, and opinions are their own and not necessarily the statements and opinions of DFWpilots.org.

By submitting material to this site, participants assert that the material is his or her own, is licensed to be uploaded and downloaded by other participants, is in the public domain, or is otherwise free of copyright or other restrictions. The participant also grants DFWpilots.org a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive license to use, reproduce, and display the material alone or as part of other works in any form. This does not mean that we will steal your ideas and call them our own however.

By using this site, participates agree to abide by the rules of conduct and Terms and Conditions outlined above. The rules of conduct are there to make DFWpilots.org an enjoyable and productive resource that encourages the free exchange of information and ideas. Participants who abuse the rules are at risk of being banned from using this site.