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  1. How / Where Do You Clean Your Planes?

    When I used to ride, Lemon Pledge was what I used to clean the windshield. Safe for plexiglass, and the wax makes bugs easier to clean off next time.
  2. Flying Just Isn't Fun Anymore...

    I'm in the same boat, have been for years. I've tried to find LSA's, but that is tough to do around here. I would like to find a decent Kolb, or other such craft, just to be able to get up.
  3. It Job

    Did you ever find someone? I'm looking for a mid level Network Engineer in Irving. Seems like the market is flooded with entry level folks.
  4. The "new Toy" Thread

    I have been looking for a few months for something like this, but I have no place to keep it. It's one of those things where I can afford the plane OR a place to keep it. So I got a 72 Shovelhead instead.
  5. Gary's Christmas List

    The customer reviews had me rolling.
  6. Flight Of Passage - A True Story

    That is one amazing Piet.
  7. Faa Medicals Are A Joke

    Now I know you are joking. There is no way these words can be accurately used to describe a government run program.
  8. Experience Renting From Sycamore Strip Airport

    I rented out there and took some instruction about 4 years ago. The 172 is a lat 50's model, no carpet, faded paint, but 400hr engine. I suppose you don't need carpet and paint to fly. The owner/CFI/A&P is a good guy, but moves at his own pace. He is a good instructor, you can tell he likes to teach and not just build hours or get money. If I were still flying, I would rent there.
  9. Lost Wing

    Think he needed to change his underwear after this? thebestever.wmv
  10. P90x

    Nope, didn't get the nutrition plan. The DVD's are on a server at work, then I found a schedule on a forum somewhere. But I would assume is says to lay off the doughnuts and beer, maybe eat a piece of fruit every now and then.
  11. P90x

    I am at the tail end of week 2 of P90X. It will put a hurtin on you, but the soreness is wearing off. I hope to be able to see my own feet soon. Good luck with yours
  12. Uh Oh . . This Doesn't Sound Good

    Sounds like the govt is trying to 'help' again.
  13. Bomber Tour In Denton This Week

    My bosses office looks over the south end of Alliance. All three are doing run ups now. When they came in Friday, bossman got onto me about not paying attention during a meeting. Some folks just dont understand.
  14. More Tsa Compentancy

    I lost count of the stupid things in this article. 1. the assumption that the TSA provides security 2. no knowing where your handgun is 3. reporting your stupidity to the TSA http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/01/23/airport.gun/index.html