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  1. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    Great looking airplane Steve!
  2. Bought a new shed out back for my mower

    I see you're taking advantage of the tax deduction by using it as a business space as well. That is your work desk there under the wing right?
  3. The Sonex Waiex B

    I looked at the newly unveiled B model at SNF last year and it looked pretty sweet. The turbo aerovee engine was something else to gawk at too!
  4. IFR Training

    I'm sure glad I got the required cross country PIC hours and half of the instrument time on my own. I wonder if that dollar amount includes the cross country time. If not that is some pricey training.
  5. Finally the forum is back amongst the living!

    Great to be back!
  6. Would You Buy A Plane Just For Training?

    I have heard it said "if you buy an airplane you should be ready to put a new engine in it the next day". Certainly not true in all cases, but something to think about. Maintenance is a continuing cost and doesn't necessarily increase the value of any airplane. Don't forget to factor in that cost. You should seek out shared ownership opportunities. They CAN BE the greatest thing for your flying addiction. I am able to have two outstanding airplanes that I could otherwise never afford at this point in my life. If I was doing it over again and purchasing an airplane to learn in I wouldn't settle for something that is VFR only. That rules out a majority of the 150/152 types. The instrument rating was the greatest thing I did to be able to better enjoy the usefulness of flying. Owning an airplane will require your time and money so those things should be sorted before getting one. There are thousands of airplanes sitting idle at airports across the country that are a testament to that.
  7. The Skycatcher Is No More

    Vans Aircraft is taking all of their business.
  8. Cirrus Sr22

    The Avidyne Entegra is a neat system. You should consider ones that have both the PFD and MFD.
  9. Fly Fishing

    Beavers Bend State Park. Enough said.
  10. Tomorrow would be fine, but the weather isn't looking good for flying.
  11. Keep us posted next time you go. I would love to fly over and have breakfast.
  12. Beating The Heat

    Can you slow down the speed of the bilge pump? 42 degree air is pretty darn cold. If you could get the outlet air up to around 60 degrees it probably still cool very well and last a lot longer
  13. Reloaders

    Thanks for all the info! You guys would roll in the floor if you saw what I am reloading on. I'm going to make a run to the east side next week and scope these places out. Now we just need to get together for some shooting. Anson-If you want some once fired 380 Auto brass drop me a PM with where you want it sent and I will send it to ya.
  14. Reloaders

    Any ammunition reloaders on the forum? I've been reloading for a couple years and enjoy it. I am pretty new to the Dallas area and have yet to find a good source for powder and primers. Anybody know of a good place to get these? Right now I am in need of Accurate #2 and Winchester 231. Tulsa has an awesome little shop that carries everything I ever needed. I may have to trek up there every few months if I can't find anything here.
  15. New To The Forum

    Welcome! The forum here has been getting more active over the last year. You picked a good time to jump in.