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  1. Pilot Makes Emergency Landing @ Kdto

    There are Piper Cherokees that carry up to 6 but obviously, not this one. Love the undamaged prop!
  2. Wow! Nobody mentioned Graham (KRPH). Within walking distance, right across the DQ's parking lot, is Clayton's BBQ. They are only open from 11 to 2 for lunch and I believe they open from 5 to 8 on Friday night for dinner. Great BBQ at around half of what it costs at the Hard 8. They do have a courtesy car and I would recommend going into town on the west side of the town square and having breakfast or lunch at Marlene's The Big Chill. Great food, daily specials, and very good prices.
  3. Vip Movement In The Metroplex On 11/6

    Then you're putting the awareness responsibility on the airport manager when the pilot is ultimately responsible to check for NOTAMs. Today was a fine example. I sent out the TFR NOTAM to over 135 Hicks pilots. About one hour into the TFR going active, Mr Moneybags (to protect the guilty party) takes off with an instructor to do pattern work. On their second circuit they received a warning to land immediately. They did and quickly put the plane away. I'm hoping that is at far as it goes. At least the Secret Service didn't call me to identify the guilty party, yet.
  4. Vip Movement In The Metroplex On 11/6

    They called me late last week since Hicks is included in this one. The agent stressed that there will be zero tolerance of violators. I'm hoping to not get any calls this afternoon!
  5. Pilot-n-paw Mission Request: Saturday Or Sunday, Nov 9/10

    Mike, be sure if you recruit someone to fly a PnP mission that they register with Pilots N Paws before the flight. Thanks, Mike R.
  6. No change at Hicks, Cleburne, Granbury, or Bridgeport. Maybe they just haven't received a recent load yet. Hicks get avgas from a Tyler plant and they shut down until early November.
  7. All, spent most of this afternoon down there, nice exhibitors dinner this evening. You have to enter TCCC at the south end of the exhibit hall, near the water gardens. Enjoy!
  8. Got it! Thanks for the "heads up!".
  9. FYI, My seminar schedule shows that mountain flying seminar will be at 1:30 on Friday.
  10. You are correct! The new AOPA pres said no more national Summits. Fort Worth will be the last one. They will attempt regional gatherings but he didn't say how soon they would start.
  11. Flying Into San Angelo

    I disagree! Fishing in Lake "Nasty" might be fun but you really need to go into town. I wish I could remember the name of the store but it's been a few years when the Grumman Gang met there. There are quite a few quaint restaurants near the neat store I mentioned. It's like an old-time General Store, everything under one roof! If you go there and don't buy something, you must already have everything you ever needed! All I remember it was near the Concho River in old downtown.
  12. Chicago On Tuesday The 17th?

    Robert, I just heard about a bull terrier that needs to get to Chicago for Pilots N Paws. How any seats you have? :-)
  13. Tyler, thanks for picking up our "doggie bag" on the ramp. That's the second time Mary has done that. First time was a takeout of peach cobbler from Clayton's at Graham!
  14. Currently Based At Spinks

    Stephen, welcome aboard! You picked a good place to learn to fly. Jake Huffman is one of the "good guys"! My wife knew him well before he retired from Brewer High School. You now have a "license to learn". Enjoy!
  15. Hangars In The Metro

    Ouch! Who do you know paying that much? The normal is $250 for a single and $300 to $325 for a twin. The bad news is I don't know of any vacancies. Several planes recently left Meacham after the City raised their rates and we filled up really quick.