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  1. Would You Buy A Plane Just For Training?

    Oh man,that wuold suck to live on an airpark if you dont have a plane
  2. Would You Buy A Plane Just For Training?

    Amen Brother! I would have bought a 172 cause I am fatter.Once solo you can go fly and polish those stick & rudder skills on your schedule. A retired friend of mine from flying back in 2000 bought a super clean 152 that was basic IFR,paid like 17K using part of his retirement 401 that wasnt doing diddly at the time,got both PPL & iFR in it in just over a year,then sold it for 20K .That was a happy ending that doesnt happen to a lot of 1st time buyers.anothet friend here at KJXI bought a turbo Arrow to learn in and put several hundred hrs in it then stepping up to an A-36 Bo.Another actually bought a twin to learn in,no problems until he had about 150 hrs of ownership,then that "bargin" got real expensive due to prop issues but that was worked out with lots of money and he still flys it for business.It can and does go bothways.
  3. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    Read latest AOPA mag ,great article on these illegal stops.
  4. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    How do LEO know I have a drivers license and insurance? You dont get randomly stopped for that do you ? There are most likely way more non-compliant drivers(especially among the undocumented visitors to our country) than non-compliant pilots.Our best friend does safety compliance audits of trucking companies for the state and you wouldnt believe how many times she has to write up companies for drivers with no medical or a drug test(both required) still operating commercial trucks. If I havent done anything wrong leave me alone.
  5. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    Its like chopping down a tree,one big stroke doesnt do it but little chips swing after swing and the mighty tree falls.I will allways see it as a loss in our freedoms for almost/probably no increase in national security.you kids just dont know how much freedom we have lost since the early 60's,we as a free nation are doomed,maybe not in my lifetime but the snoball is rolling down hill all because of OUR fear of our own government. Is a local cop ramp checking a 65 year old grey haired geezer like me really making this nation or aviation safer (I havent been but was stopped last time leaving Big Bend and me and Donna were made to get out of our car while Border Patrol wanted to search our car,one "gung ho" never took his hand off his pistola,insane,we drive a Traverse and you can see all the seats).We have become exactly what our "enemy" wants us to be. If we dont raise cain about all the stops then one day it will be filing a "flightplan" and waiting for permission to come down from some official.Just my paranoia.even the FAA should consider all pilots are carrying required items unless you have done something wrong(I understand checks during airshow briefings),and I do mean really wrong and not something as simple as entering BASE without a Downwind at an uncontrolled field..
  6. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    I have a big problem with "ramp checks" by non-FAA LEO that have NO,absolutely NO,probable cause to stop someone,in our county alone over 400 outstanding warrants that should be dealt with 1st .Exactly what have I done flying around and landing at a public airport that warrants a stop and a demand for my "PAPERS".I'm talking about any legally conducted flight by a licensed and current medical card pilot flying an airworthy plane.To me its just like driving down the street and not violating any traffic laws,NO cause to stop period.Heck,DHS could go to WalMart and catch 100 illegal aliens in the same amount of time. We have given up way too much liberty in the name of security.For the record have personnaly talked to my Congressman about this and he agrees and is looking into these events. Now,if these "pilots" had say flown in from Mexico and not stopped at a customs entry point,a search is in order.here at JXI many years ago,early 80's,a local was photograped loading "dope" in Mexico and then flew low across the border finally getting back here where the Feds were waiting.Ended up only a "state" possesion with intent to distribute crime was all he was charged with and was given the at the time "longeest drug sentence ever in Tx" and he got out in 18 months,wonder who he had a connection with.
  7. Anybody going over to the Mesquite Gunshow this weekend at the rodeo convention hall? I may fly over to HQZ and get a car and go look.
  8. Reloaders

    Did anybody get the date for the 1/2 off price.I cant get thier calender to work.When you go to the NRA sign-up site,it only gives the dates and no discounts are shown.Its a good excuse to come over to FtWorth and visit grandkids There is a course closer to me at Lindale on sat. March 1st.I want to take it simply to get the NRA certification.
  9. Cirrus Sr22

    FYI,Ballistic Parachute has several STC's to add to certificated planes such as C182's.Look them up and see what they can install them on as this would be another option. It seems like $17K for a 182 is what I have heard over on Cessna Pilots.
  10. Reloaders

    How bought a breakfast /lunch flyin meet? Someone said they needed some 223 and Cabellas has some American Eagle(Federal?) for $7.99 a 20rd box. or some Fed 5.56 for 229 for 500 incl an ammo box.thats a drop in pricing from a year ago.
  11. Reloaders

    Mikes Ammo Depot in Caddo Mills has some deals from time to time.I get most of mine here in Gilmer. The Big Town gun show there in Mesquite sometimes has some deals.Cabbellas has lots of supplies in a "sale" flyer now.Midway is supposed to be stocked up. Primers have come back down and I picked some up at the Longview show for 31 a thousand,.I have a customer that is a BASS PRO dealer and he just got me 1K 9mm 115g FMJ for $91 total delivered and that beat some 115g wadcutters I bought in nov.. Load 9mm Lug & Mak,380,38 on my Dillon 550 and 257,308,300 savage,7.65,and 223 on a RCBS
  12. Production Manager Or Tool Pusher

    I* would move to the area for 200K a year ,8 weeks vacation ,12 holidays,new pickup,use of the co plane, co hunting lease,and use of the co bass boat.Maybe I should ask for use of the co condo in Hawaii or Costa Rico .In 3 months wont need medical insurance so I would be a bargain.
  13. A&p/ia Needed

    probably John Effinger,he is one good airplane fixer.
  14. Micro-rant: Texas Winter Weather

    Move to the Oregon coast.
  15. Controlled Airport / Position Reporting

    The NASA form is a good tool for the FAA to see they have a problem with something like this tower using phraesology thats not in the AIM or Controllers Handbook and maybe get it fixed for everyones benifit.It doesnt get anyone in trouble ,use it