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  1. Another cool ForeFlight trick

    I went a couple of years without using Foreflight, I'm using it again now and it really has a lot of neat features. The estimated glide range ring is one of my favorites. We flew home from Abilene in the dark last weekend, and 80% of the time I was able to keep an airport inside the glide ring. 100% of the time I-20 was in the glide ring. I generally try to avoid night flying, but it is really nice to have that extra tool when you need it.
  2. Bought a new shed out back for my mower

    Thanks! Eventually we will build a hangar in the backyard (our house backs up to the runway at KWEA, and we have access to the runway).
  3. Restaurant at KADM is still alive and well

    Good to know, thanks!
  4. Had to keep dodging these darn jets in the air and on the taxiway. I kept making calls on 122.7 and not one of those jokers was using a radio. Seriously though, it was fun to go through the Bravo, haven't done that in a while. Keeps you on your toes. I had a meeting about 15 minutes from Bush...it was really convenient to leave the house and be in Houston 90 minutes later. Saved about 4-5 hours travel time vs. taking Southwest, which is what I usually do. Didn't have to get up a 3AM, and didn't have to deal with TSA trying to steal my laptop (which happened to me a few months ago at Hobby).
  5. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    I've decided to wait on the partnership until I get the engine stuff sorted out. Leaning towards a C-85 because they are lighter, and the legal props for an O-200 limit the RPM enough that an C-85 makes as much and maybe more power at takeoff. I'm also re-building the observer's desk in the back and a couple other minor items. It has a radio (MGL V6) which is also the intercom. No transponder, but you don't need one to fly under (not in) the Bravo in this plane since it does not have an engine driven generator.
  6. Fortunately it is large enough to fit a few airplanes as well. ...or that is how I sold the idea to my wife. I haven't posted much here in a while, so I thought I'd put this out there to try to help get the forum going again. We live at KWEA now, built a house on the west side of the runway in 2016. We intend to build a hangar in the backyard in a couple of years, in the meantime we bought this. I'm enjoying it thoroughly after years of renting hangars. We'll have to have everyone over sometime. I'm thinking about getting a projector sometime and having pilot friends/family over to watch a good aviation movie in the hangar sometime. k fo r
  7. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    Here is the original AAC dataplate. I'm trying to find a place to get a reproduction so this one doesn't deteriorate further.
  8. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    I didn't buy the one in the pictures above, but ended up finding one in Louisiana that wasn't for sale, and I talked the owner into it. Took all the nieces and nephews for rides on Thanksgiving. Here are a few pictures. This one has an A-65, but I am looking for a C-85 to put in it.
  9. Is anyone still using this board?

    I check in on occasion, I'd use it more if there was some traffic. I thought about starting a few fresh threads then inviting people over from Facebook, that might be enough to get it started again. This thread has 14 views since you posted, so a few people are here.
  10. Anyone want to make a trip to KDRI (250NM)

    I intend to pick up the Tcraft this Saturday if I can get a ride out there, anyone heading that way Saturday morning?
  11. Hangar space available at KWEA

    Anyone looking for Hangar space at KWEA, (Parker County Airport, west of Fort Worth), let me know. I have space available in an almost new 50x70 hangar right at the runway. Hangar has a hydraulic remote control door, LED lighting, air compressor, lots of power throughout hangar, fridge, water, access to pilot lounge/bathrooms/shower, etc. Very easy access to airport from I-20. Text or call 405-209-9010. $275 to $400 per space depending on aircraft size, etc.
  12. I'm looking at an L-2M in Louisiana, anyone want to give me a ride down there? I"ll buy gas/lunch of course. Good chance I'll fly it home. https://www.airnav.com/airport/DRI
  13. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    It has a battery for the radio and transponder, but no generator, alternator or starter.
  14. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    I'm considering buying this L-2M, I've really liked L2s since I got my tailwheel endorsement in one. They have similar performance to a Cub, but are about 20mph faster on the same horsepower. This one has an O-200, making it even better. The rear seat swivels 360 degrees for the observer in the back seat. Cruise is about 100-105mph. The M model has operable spoilers in the top of the wing, making it capable of very short landings. Anyone interested in buying 1/3rd or 1/2? $10k for 1/3rd...it will be based at KWEA.
  15. Cessna 195

    I'd love to, I could even provide hangar space next year at KWEA, but I'm sure that is too far away. You should move to the "good" side of the metroplex.