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  1. approach practice

    If you modified it for training purposes to be a climbing right turn to NAHMU then that would solve the GKY issue. If traffic is landing 17 at GPM when you're doing the practice approach then that would put you beak to beak with downwind traffic. You would also be closer to the Cedar Hills towers. Need a safety pilot with sharp vision.
  2. VDP, what is it?

    I always thought that you couldn't leave MDA even if you had the runway in sight until you reached VDP based on the FAR definition. I just re-read the section in the AIM about it. It says that the VDP is "harmonized" with the lowest MDA and the visual glideslope indicator. So, that's kind of true because you can't descend below the VASI. Of course not all runways have a VASI which would make the VDP all that more useful to making a stabilized approach.
  3. IFR to GPM

    I think that I’d be inclined to divert to KRBD then call an ueber. I suppose you could request radar vectors down the downwind for 17. If you like what you see then cancel IFR and land VFR. If not, there’s always ueber.
  4. Stephenville, TX (KSEP)

    I went to Stephenville again today. The golf carts are gone for good. Evidently a couple of the local jubilant delinquents decided to play chicken with the carts except that both people forgot to swerve and crashed head on. This happened twice. Also, some pilots were taking the hard 8 carts to travel over to Puleo's Mexican. So, this marks the end of an era. The restaurant got rid of the golf carts. They will send someone over to the airport to pick you up as always though. BBQ is still awesome. Oh well...
  5. Alliance Ga Terminal

    +3 Very nice facilities. They will treat you right.
  6. Instrument Ground School

    I'm interested. Keep me posted!
  7. Christmas Light Run (needs Suggestions)

    Lynn Creek Park is just southeast of arlington on Joe Pool lake and they have a pretty elaborate christmas setup that looks really cool from the air at night. Definitely check it out. http://www.joe-pool-lake.org/events/prairi...stmas-show.html http://maps.google.com/maps?oe=utf-8&r...mp;ved=0CAkQ_BI
  8. It's Great To Be A Texan

    Does anyone know if TxDot Aviation Division still has the video lending library?
  9. Dfw At Sunset

    Great job! That's an awesome photo Mike! Congratulations!
  10. Fredericksburg, Tx (t82)

    Nice photos Mike!
  11. Skycatcher Deliveries

    Yeah, there were one or two on the other side of the room outside this picture that were painted white and looked closer to being ready for delivery. I'm guessing that they have a paint shop somewhere on the field nearby. Incidentally, they also have a pilot shop in the same building that is pretty cool. It is called "The Aviator's Attic." It is a bit pricey but they have a lot of really cool stuff. It's worth checking out if you are in the area.
  12. Skycatcher Deliveries

    I was in Wichita, Kansas two weeks ago and stopped by Yingling aviation. They had a bunch of skycatchers sitting on their crates from China that they were busy assembling.
  13. Faa King Air Suffers Nose Gear Failure At Afw

    My office window looks right out at the runways and a bunch of us watched this live. (3rd floor of the Daimler building) One of my colleagues husbands is a Ft Worth firefighter and called her right as they got the one minute warning so that we could all run to the windows. There were three news helicopters just hovering on the west side of the airport. So, immediately after we saw it live we watched the reruns on the "live" news. It was cool only because nobody was hurt. I think that every fire truck that Ft. Worth had was just outside the gate next to the AFW fire station.
  14. What Do The Camels Mean?

    I went to the New England Air Museum today. I found this explanation about "flying the hump" in their B-29 exhibit.