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  1. Is anyone still using this board?

    I sold my plane little over a year ago. Haven't been too interested in flying, but will stop in every few months.
  2. DFWpilots.com 'Our Board' is BACK!!

    looks good. thanks!
  3. I just stayed at Terlingua for 2nd year in row, I can't get my plane in there because of the gravel strip. I think it is a really good strip for high wings and tailwheels though. I flew into Alpine. Terlingua has OK cabins, bar/restaurant, and pool. Nothing much to do except relax, I was hunting. Lajitas might be better for all of the family, accommodations, and things to do.
  4. it was never a problem in the past, Mia has been with us there 2-3 times, but they have a "strict" no kids policy, so we told them to oops! off. we'll go somewhere else.
  5. Think Tillman and I are in. Maybe Russ Turner. I can find a couple other guys too if trying to fill the block.
  6. I just saw this. I have been looking for a Fredericksburg trip. Anyone know how many rooms are available? I was trying to plan trip there to meet DFW Pilots user Tillman and then Russ Turner who several know here (T-28A & WWI recreations).
  7. Photos Of Local Planes

    LOL, that's my crappy hangar rented from Glen and my plane/car. I'm not in any of the photos. They asked me for my vehicles, but not me?
  8. Photos Of Local Planes

    a few recents from 52F
  9. 2013 Totals! How Much Did You Fly?

    93 hours, down 10 from last year. It was a tough busy year in many ways, but this year should be better. Also will have more longer flights as competing in the Walmart FLW Bass Tour as coangler. Several tournaments places like Florida, South Carolina, Alabama... Goal is simply to do more fun flying.
  10. Flying Just Isn't Fun Anymore...

    I keep telling myself I don't do enough fun flying anymore. everything is trip based (which not sure I could do without the convenience), but I don't fly every single week and it isn't fun stuff like fly-ins, playing around, lunch runs, etc.
  11. Good to see the series back and also a local event! I will be in Arkansas for car event. I plan to fly back Sunday to 52F, wonder if I will even be able to get into 52F?
  12. New To The Forum!

  13. Lufthansa Landing At Dfw

    the amazing thing he's already gone back to Germany and headed back again since this happened yesterday.
  14. My First Jet Training!

    great experience