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  1. How / Where Do You Clean Your Planes?

    Free wash bay with hose at KWEA. Just south of the fuel island. 2 years ago I found a wash bay at Winnsboro when I stopped for mogas. I use Simple Green product that is safe for aluminum. It's got a PH designed for aluminum and it rinses off clear. On the tough stuff leading edge and cowl bugs I use real hot water and a microfiber towel.
  2. Another Great Trip

    I think you still can, Bahamas are still open for business. Supposed to be quite GA friendly. Much more than our own country.
  3. Another Great Trip

    The people at Taos airport are very good. Always have good service there. I love to ski and own a house just west of KCOS. So, I usually go into KCOS or Fremont at Canon city. Since I don't fly in the FL, and my prev plane isn't as capable, I have to make a gas stop around Amarillo. It's still only about 4 hours from N TX to COS, and a bit less back. Much better than 12.5 hours driving straight through. From the more pedestrian viewpoint, it's a great trip I make once or twice per year(when I've owned a plane). I don't fly IFR, and it hasn't stopped me ever. Yes, I've had to stop short of my return once in a while but that's pretty rare. Flying with the instrument rating, and having a capable plane will improve dispatch, but don't let it get one into trouble. Next spring I'm headed to the Bahamas. Hoping to spend a week or more flying around and diving on my own schedule. Great use of a GA plane, just like skiing.
  4. New To The Forum

    E35 Bo driver. You may stay... lol! B35 driver
  5. Dfw Class Bravo Modifications

    Or - they won't be; "Cessna 12345, calling enroute to ADS, remain clear of Bravo airspace, squawk 1-2-0-0, good day."
  6. May 9-10 so we can coordinate with the Ferrari group. Those guys have a few rather nice aircraft.
  7. Does Kads Charge Landing Fee If You Are Just Passing Through?

    I'll never go to ADS again. I was charged $42 for parking about 80 minutes at Atlantic. No waive, no nothing just get out your CC and bend over. ADS doesn't have anything I need or want.
  8. A&p/ia Needed

    I talked to Pat today and he's still alive, and still working on planes. His rates are prolly the best around anywhere.
  9. A&p/ia Needed

    The useful and not too expensive good A&P/IA is like the grail. We're all searching for the same thing, and like the grail, it is well hidden, if it even exists. I use a 72YO curmudgeon from Weatherford, but he knows his stuff. If I catch him before about 2PM he's avail. You are welcome to call and try. Pat Crowley 817-239-5656. He's worked on my Bonanza for years, has history with other complex, but I don't know about his Piper experience. Don't use my name, if you reach him.
  10. Where Should A Friend Train?

    Yup, what he said. Buy a Bonanza, or Cirrus, or whatever he wants. Find a private instructor that is a no nonsense guy, and go whole hog. Nothing like training in your own plane, on your time schedule, at your airport(whatever you choose).
  11. Got a plane in mind, I'm not AMEL so I would like to get a ferry pilot to go with me. Obviously, you will be PIC and log all time along the way. Light twin, about 10 hours away. PM, or post here please.
  12. Ultralight!

    I drove a Backyard flyer once and I loved it. Has a four stroke engine, you may want to contact Culver props and see if they will make a mount for the Hurricane. Glad to see you have a silk afterburner just in case. Walt, you may want to take that comment about the fuel tank off your UL post. Jus sayin'.
  13. I've viewed this plane, and investigated it. while being as charitable and polite as I can -- anyone interested would do well to check it out very, very, very carefully before writing a check. did I say very careful? I meant really, really careful checkout.
  14. I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow I'd rather see than be one. Loved my ride in the Piet. Very vintage if you are into vintage.