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  1. aaaaaannndddd we are baaaaaaaaack!

    Koochie-koo... Glad your back up, David.... NTA is great and all, but trying to follow a discussion there is like conversing with a bunch of very distracted five year olds ( very hard to follow the conversation)
  2. Is anyone still using this board?

    I'm going to be drifting back here more frequently. Most of the main traffic went to the North Texas Aviators Facebook page when the old server imploded. Glad to see some of the old hands and some new hands posting here.
  3. Adding to the above, I am a fan of writing down as much as I already know before I key the radio and obtain the clearance. Often I already know where I'm cleared to, the initial heading, the Altitudes, and the departure frequency. So that's already written down. If you are using ForeFlight, and have the right settings switched on, ForeFlight will communicate with Leidos Flight Service to file your plan, and then get back from the ATC system what your clearance will be (or very, very likely will be). So you can have that already written down. I also have Foreflight transfer that to the Flight Plan Edit block. It is very few occasions when what Clearance Delivery (or Ground) reads to me isn't what ForeFlight already knows. So when it is, and they don't say "as filed", then I just read the information back from the ForeFlight Flight plan block. By writing down as much as you know in advance, it really helps with the controller speaks so fast, he's reading the transponder code and you barely finished writing down the first third of the route.
  4. Another cool ForeFlight trick

    Where is this? Amongst the "gauges" along the bottom of the moving map?
  5. Sport Pilot training in DFW?

    Best place in the metroplex for this is at Addison. http://www.ussportaircraft.com/training/ And most folks who can qualify for the 3rd class medical are doing PPL. More flying privileges and more available aircraft t rent or own.
  6. Finally the forum is back amongst the living!

    "I currently fly::Socata TB9 Tampico" Someone's information needs an update Mine too
  7. Finally the forum is back amongst the living!

    David, can we turn off the additional data that appears below the avatar?
  8. Thanks David for working hard to bring this forum back from the black hole depths of the internet...
  9. Taildraggers For Rent?

    Four Winds at Aero Country T31
  10. Texas Gulf Coast Beach House Rentals?

    I do see Jay logging in to read posts, but I don't see any new content from him in the open forum. Bruce has not been back to PoA for about a month now. He is active on AOPA and a few other boards.
  11. Texas Gulf Coast Beach House Rentals?

    Alternative to house rental is Ameilia's Landing in Port A. Owner/operator is Jay Hoeneck. When I set up my reservation for IFR training there, I got a really good rate. For a single queen bed room, Less than $95/night with taxes (and breakfast) for the weekend and less than $85/night with taxes. Within walking distance of the restaurants and attractions. Within stumbling/crawling distance from the bars. Each room has an aviation theme: http://www.ameliaslanding.com/the_rooms.htm
  12. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    Let me know the next time you're going out to Wiggley... Sugar would love to hang out with Tiger.
  13. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    That old Oak Tree does make the take off's exciting for the right seater. But if they can get DC3's in and out of there with no issues, then you're French spam can will do juuuust fine. (now I know why you need so much down trim.... your Airplane is so French, it wants to fly with it's nose up in the air)
  14. ..... bump.... to make sure this isn't forgotten about...
  15. Two Weeks In Alaska

    Very jealous.... I hope Don lets you do some of the activities we saw being done on the TV shows, including landing on and taking off from an active road, and a gravel bar in a river. Make sure to bring the items to make an Alaska version of your Snowman Pilot from your avatar