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  1. Reloaders

    Gunmaster on K ave. in Plano has a good selection.
  2. Not Cleared Into The Bravo. Sort Of

    I had a very similar situation where the controller issued a climb that would take me into the DFW Bravo above. I asked the question "am I cleared into the Bravo?" In a slightly miffed tone the controller answered "I hope so because you're already in it"! About a minute later he called my tail# again and said the magic words "cleared through the bravo". Dave
  3. I'm not sure about the cafe but I do frequent KOCH. I highly recommend Mikes BBQ on South street. It's a very short drive in the courtesy car. Try the Beef-N-Link PO-Boy. Dave
  4. I'd be there if I weren't stuck out here in the Gulf of Mexico. Have fun!
  5. Rockwell Municipal (f46) Now Has An Awos

    I'm able to see it on Foreflight but not yet on my Aeroweather.
  6. We went in February a couple of years ago. Fishing was good + they kept plenty of firewood stacked on the porch! (needed it)
  7. In the video it sounds like he was adding some power (albeit a little late... OK WAAAY late!). A student pilot makes a poor approach VS driver ignores posted warnings.
  8. To me this is clearly the fault of the woman driving the SUV but the pilot did contribute somewhat. The things that come to mind are the displaced threshold, lack of flaps, and I don't see the landing lights. Unfortunate.
  9. Dfw Vfr Bravo Clearance

    Or head South via LNC. That would be a nice stress-free flight for a new pilot and only cost you 5 minutes.
  10. 1st Time To Sep Today

    Fun trip! Last time I went AWOS said 17G24 @ 260. My pilot passenger left claw marks in the dash! ha
  11. I'm in. Let me know if you decide to go Joe.
  12. Grass Strip Tour Of Texas And Oklahoma

    I'm there! You're in for a treat Diana. Walt's gumbo is great. Let me know if you need anything to throw in the gumbo pot Walt (or anything else).
  13. Ice Chest A/c

    If you're gonna fly low altitude and run the thing the whole way you'd be pushing its limits. Run it 20-30 mins up to altitude + again for descent/landing.. no problem.
  14. Ice Chest A/c

    I built myself a really nice ice chest A/C unit the other day + built a couple extras for anyone interested. This is the type that circulates ice water through a heater core. 120 CFM fan + pump draw about 4.5 amps total. $240 Dave daveconealATgmail.com 936-five five six-2125