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  1. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    Looks even nicer in person that the photos. You've got a beautiful looking warbird!
  2. Is anyone still using this board?

    I haven't been flying for over 5 years, but have started to dip my toes into the pond again. I always check the site a few times a week, and if there was more activity would check more frequently. A friend about 45 minutes is looking into insuring me on his Cessna 140. If that works out I may get to fly a little more frequently.
  3. Looking for REALLY CLEAN C150, C152 or Tripacer

    Still looking. Haven't found one yet that checked all the boxes. Add an older 172 to this list as well.
  4. How about a re-NEWED member?

    Hoping it's a good omen (and not the opposite), but the guy who did my Flight Review was the FAA Accident Investigator who was on the scene at my engine-out in Dallas back in 2002.
  5. Certainly not a new member, but haven't been flying actively since 2010. Just finished up a flight review and I'm back in the airplane market. If anyone knows of a super clean Cessna 150 /152, Cessna 172 or Piper Tri-Pacer please let me know. Looking to stay in the under $30K price range. I've seen almost everything that is advertised on TAP and Barnstormers, but if you know of one for sale locally please make me aware.
  6. Anyone want to make a trip to KDRI (250NM)

    I might be able to help in another month or two, but not yet.
  7. Hangar space available at KWEA

    Better start buying some planes to fill it up
  8. Looking for an affordable way to get back into flying. Looking for an above average example of one of the above.
  9. Anyone want to make a trip to KDRI (250NM)

    Steve, Some weekend when you have time, bring it over to Graham. I'll buy lunch / gas. I really got the bug after flying in Kauai last week.
  10. 1943 L-2M Taylorcraft

    Wow, wish I was closer. I've been getting the airplane itch. Does it have an electrical system, or is it set up like the one we flew out of Grayson County?
  11. Dual time in Kauai

    Has anyone tried this or something similar before? http://www.wingsoverkauai.com/flight-school.php Though it might be a nice way to get in some sightseeing AND some stick (yoke) time in while we are in Hawaii. I looked at my logbook, and last time I had any PIC time was in Gary's 172 back in 2012. Headed to Kauai for our Honeymoon next month.
  12. Yesterday at Leadville

    Nice - fun place to fly out of when the weather is cooperating.
  13. Oxygen refill

    It's been 5+ years and managers have changed several times, but I had mine filled a time or to at or local Airgas (welding supply) shop.
  14. You should fly her over to Graham. I can drive you somewhere to eat.
  15. As of March 1, 2014 the Dairy Queens in Graham (KRPH) will no longer be serving breakfast and will now open at 10am. This includes the Airport DQ.