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  1. Craigslist Posting

    The page is gone now. Care to share the contents of the e-mails?
  2. Will You Be Sued? Count On It.

    I'm just letting you know the perception of the general public. While those of us that fly know that a lot of us scrape the money together to make it happen those on the "outside" view us as part of the "1%" so to speak.
  3. Will You Be Sued? Count On It.

    Flying is also seen by the general public as a "rich man's" activity. They just automatically assume that anyone who flies a plane is sitting on lots of money.
  4. Ultralight!

    It's "fiveish".
  5. Ultralight!

    He never said it wasn't "N" Numbered
  6. Sectional Updated

    Wish I was home so I could fly in and visit with ya. I've been following the rebuilding since you started the website.
  7. Ultralight!

    Sorry for the quality of the pictures. The latest iPhone update seemed to ruin the camera :/
  8. Ultralight!

    The Flabob Flying Circus- Had a lot of fun there Saturday. There were two Trikes there when we showed up around 11AM but they took off as soon as we had parked on the ramp. Other than the Trikes we appeared to be the only Ultralights there. The little planes were real popular. Matt and I probably spent more time talking about our birds than out walking around looking at other people's birds. Total round trip time was about 4.8 hours on the Hobbs meter. And wayyyyy too much fuel burned. One thing I really liked about this event was they were welcoming to EVERYONE. We had e-mailed to make sure up front that Ultralights were welcome to the event. They not only invited us in they encourage even insisted we make the fly-in. Big thanks to Ambar Mote for the invite and the welcoming upon our arrival. And to all the ramp workers and young volunteers from the (jr?)ROTC there directing ramp traffic and getting everyone parking spots. At Hemet-Ryan getting fuel. CDF sent out a OV-10 Bronco two tankers and a UH-1 while we were there fueling up. Gotta love the sound of a big radial. The Flabob Express A recently completed full restoration OOOOOOO CANNNNNADAAAAA!!!! More pictures and hopefully video coming soon.
  9. Aopa Flyq Version 1.2 Released!

    I just did a 3 month subscription to Foreflight to try it out and I'm really liking it right now. In the Ultralight I'm usually low enough that I have a constant Cell connection so I can get weather and winds aloft data on the fly.
  10. New To Dfw Area!

    These are the guys I recommend. Jake is a prior Air Force guy and a great instructor. Let him know Josh Downs sent you in. They were doing my Private instruction before I got orders to California.
  11. Ultralight!

    Since Hy-Tek is out of business that is how some Hurricane owners get their parts. Even the sails are interchangeable. The Phantom is the original, the copies were the Hurricane, the Bell Sidewinder, and at least one other. Just minor changes here and there on them. The 503 in this bird has right at 160 hours on it now. I actually like it. I thought I was going to have problems with a 2 stroke motor. I would really love to throw a HKS700 on there but that would put it over the weight limit.
  12. Ultralight!

    Not sure if I posted on this forum or not when I moved but I got orders to San Diego late last year and executed those orders in March of this year. I'm operating off of Nichols Field (0CL3) just east of San Diego before you cross over the hill/mountains and get into the desert. Phantom is pretty much the same plane. IIRC they use a side stick instead of a center stick right? And i think the X1 is strut braced instead of wire braced. I love flying it. And it's got better climb performance than the C150/152s I flew for training. Though obviously much slower in cruise flight. Hell the thing is ever rated in normal use for +6/-4 Gs.
  13. So I've always been into aviation. Been working on and off for about a year to get my Private Pilot's certification but had to stop at the beginning of the year. Decided I wanted to pick up an Ultralight so I could fly on my own when I wanted and for the most part where I wanted with some restrictions. Not to mention it lets you fly without the constant oversight and permission of "Big Brother". Anyone here fly ultralights? Picked up the Hy-Tec Hurricane over the weekend. Here's some vids and pics. Video compilation of the first day I had it doing familiarization flights on a dry lake bed (El Mirage Dry Lake). After first few landings About 1500 feet AGL looking down on the landing area. You can barely make out the truck and another ultralight on the lake bed. On the truck ready to come back to San Diego After getting the wings back on and putting it in it's new hangar The day after getting the wings on a buddy of mine and I went up and he got some arieal video of me. It was a flight with a member of the SDUA to get familiar with the area around the field. Saw a few dual sports on some dirt roads around otay lakes road. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v...e=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v...e=3&theater Then a little video from last night doing a late evening sunset flight. Here are some pictures from today flying with Matt and his T-Bird. Some fires going on. Weirdly no TFRs were issued on this as far as we can tell but the Helo and Fire Tankers were pounding it hard. Lots of traffic in and out of the area. We kept our distance, kept scanning and announcing our position. Also made sure my strobes were kicked on. My buddies T-Bird Looking towards downtown San Diego and the coast. You can't really see it in this picture but I could see it with my own eyes.
  14. Just A Few Videos...

    Really diggin that Cub
  15. Plane Down Near Spinks

    Dang that's the second one in a few months isn't it?