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  1. Finally the forum is back amongst the living!

    Thanks for the notification on facebook. I am glad to see the board is back online..
  2. Would You Buy A Plane Just For Training?

    If you use a flight school that has a good number of planes and availability is high then purchasing a plane would not be my first choice. As someone who has recently, within the last three years, obtained a private pilots license I would caution against purchasing. During the last three years my "Ideal Plane" has changed several times and only now do I feel pretty confident in the type of plane that I would like to own. Now with that being said even if I purchase an airplane I will still keep my club membership. You probably wonder why so I will tell you. Planes break and sometimes you want a slower, cheaper plane to fly. When I first started I thought a 172 would be great then I thought a 150 would be great (economical). To date I have my complex and high performance endorsements and now of course my plane choice is different. I have flown the following and have liked each one for one reason or the other (150,172M, 172sp, 172SP(G1000), SkyCatcher, Cherokee, Warrior, Bonanza V-tail B35 (heavily modified) and (Cessna 421 not as PIC) . With that being said I joined a club that has three different types of planes and I use two of them (Bonanza & Cherokee). The third requires a tailwheel endorsement and until I finish my IFR I do not want to take that on. I still rent the 172SP(G1000) from time to time as well. I hope this helps and does not confuse you to much. The first sentence of this post is the most important. Where I use to live down south finding a flight school was almost impossible and there were no rental places. In that part of Texas if you want to fly you have to buy. Here in the DFW area there are a multitude of options and buying is a last resort in my opinion. I would also like to add before I purchase an aircraft I will be living at an Airport Community where I can keep it my own hangar. If you look at what a hangar will cost you here in the DFW area it makes more since to move to an Airport community and apply that money toward a house payment. So far the cheapest Hangar I have found is 350 per month.
  3. Texas Gulf Coast Beach House Rentals?

    Great website thanks for posting this. This would have been much easier to use then the way we found our rental.
  4. Texas Gulf Coast Beach House Rentals?

    Yes we had a four bedroom house with a path to the beach not more then 4 miles fron the airport on Port Aransas. The house goes for 1500 a weekend. There are cheaper ones but man what a treat. There are several realtors that manage these properties. During February - April you can get them much cheaper.
  5. Sounds interesting... I haven't played golf in a while....
  6. The Skycatcher Is No More

    I flew a sky catcher several times and it was ok but not that impressive. I am not a big fan of the recumbent seating arrangement.
  7. Still Photos from video... Not the best but here they are... I had two unknown pictures (Could not see the tail numbers) N990Dm.tiff N9010W.tiff N5295G.tiff N859J.tiff unkown2.tiff N143TX.tiff N67TR.tiff Stacey_cub.tiff Unknown1.tiff
  8. Reloaders

    Do not waste your time going by Basspro. I was just there Sunday and they do not have hardly anything left. They are out of stock on almost all of the powder...
  9. Fly Fishing

    Thanks I will check it out. This is really close to..
  10. Fly Fishing

    Wow sounds nice thanks...
  11. Fly Fishing

    Anyone else here interested in fly fishing. Has anyone found a good place close to an airport for fly fishing? My ultimate goal is to fly somewhere do some fly fishing and return. I know the gulf coast has some good spots but I am looking for something different. I have heard that Gaston's is the place to go but I do not know anyone that has actually done any fly fishing there. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Reloaders

    If anyone is interested I just noticed on the Dealsaver.com email I received this morning that a company called "Elite Security and Tactical Supply" is offering 50% off a reloading class at $92.00. Here is the company address. If anyone lives close to this outfit and goes by let us know what they have. "Elite Security and Tactical Supply" 624 Jacie Court Burleson TX 76028 817-773-1087 www.elitetac.com
  13. Reloaders

    Heck I started reloading 45 Colt with a Lee Hand Loader. I used that for about three months and about 400 rounds later I upgraded to a turret loader LOL Once you get hooked it's all over... For a while I was reloading and shooting about 250 rounds a week 45acp & 45 colt. I haven't done that much shooting in a while but really want to start again. This flying thing has kind of drained all my free time however thanks to Walt it sounds like we might have a place to combine the two activities.