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  1. Hello Dfw Pilots

    Yep, I play D & D2 leagues in Frisco, Farmers Branch, and sometimes Allen -- My kid plays U16AA for the Americans, so we pretty much live at the rink? Where do you play out of? Need any skaters in Vegas? A weekend filled with hockey and craps sounds like the weekend for me.
  2. Hello Dfw Pilots

    Anyone with The Cup as their profile picture is a friend of mine! Welcome!
  3. Sorry, I probably could have worded that a bit better -- My assumption was that I, the PPL, would be the PIC (established ahead of time), and that the student was simply along for the ride. Roddie
  4. My guess is that the PPL would be carrying him and would be the PIC.
  5. I have ~70 hours and love flying at night, but I just realized that I'm not night current, so I'd have to hit up KTKI before Sunday to do some stop-and-goes, and I don't think I'll be able to do that. Sounded like fun, too!
  6. My Flight With Aggie Mike

    When the movie version of this comes out, I hope Chuck Norris is cast to play the part of Mike.
  7. Ice

    That way I can just keep canceling my own flights and not have to deal with the middle man, haha. And yes, canceled again -- Booked tomorrow morning at 9 AM.
  8. Ice

    I'm stuck in NYC until at least 6 AM tomorrow, if not longer. Related: One of the possible routes they sent to me was LGA -> RDU -> DCA -> DFW getting me home tomorrow night at 9 PM. Um. No.
  9. Ice

    Stuck in NYC for now -- My 9 AM out of LGA got canceled, so they re-booked me at 3 PM out of EWR. We'll see how that goes; there are worse cities to be stuck in.
  10. Craigslist Ad - Free Ifr Training

    I don't believe that to be a rule - As a private pilot, you can take anyone wherever they want; you just can't accept payment for it or the flight itself (beyond sharing expenses on a pro rata basis). Roddie
  11. Craigslist Ad - Free Ifr Training

    Interesting. My first thought was, wow that patient better be patient with all of the practice approaches.
  12. Collin County Regional Now Mckinney National

    For me, it's always been "McKinney Ground", "McKinney Tower", and "McKinney Traffic" even while being known as Collin County Regional and I've only been flying there for a year and a half or so.
  13. Pun aside, is that because you're just lucky with the weather, or because ATC usually vectors you around?
  14. Cheap Fuel? Yup, In The Month Of October

    Same deal at NTXFC (I'm a member of both) -- I haven't done the math to figure out what I would get back, but I'm thinking it would make a nice day trip and be cheaper than average :-)