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  1. Simplifying Life

    This is the first time I've ever seen someone referring to getting a Pilot's license as "simplifying" one's life Knock it out! Shaun
  2. For Your Enjoyment...

    Hey, all, I started flying the Champ out to San Diego (where I'll be living for the next several months) on Friday. To chronicle the journey, I decided to steal Carol Walker's chicken (Henrietta) and chronicle the journey by creating a facebook page. The link to the page follows. You may need to request to Henrietta's friend in order to see the posts. https://www.facebook.com/henrietta.walker.167 Shaun
  3. Aviation Transitions For Me This Year. Sadly, Not Good

    Hey, Doc, I have to put in a Champ plug here. I ran into a guy at Sulphur Springs this weekend who is selling his 7AC Champ (no electric) 65 hp LSA, if you are in the mood for that kind of thing. May be a bit cheaper (and older) than you are looking for, but when I saw it, I thought of you. If you are interested, let me know, and I'll PM his information to you. Shaun
  4. Sulphur Springs, TX (KSLR)

    +1 on this place. A buddy and I went there yesterday morning, and had a wonderful flight, great landing, nice chat with Ron Stephens at the terminal (who has a Champ himself), and a delicious breakfast burrito. Highly, highly recommended. Someone told me that's where they make the Carbon Cubs too, but I forgot to get a tour. Guess I'll have to go back...
  5. Yesterday, trying to get a feel for the Champ, I flew over to Sulphur Springs for breakfast, and stopped by Walt's on the way home. Walt was incredibly gracious, and even though it turned out he was more or less on his way out the door spent over an hour showing my and my friend around the place, and chatted with us in his home. I never went to the old Taylor airport, so I don't know what it was like before, but this place is amazing now. Thanks so much, Walt, for your hospitality, and for your amazing airport. I hope I have an opportunity to visit again soon. It was a pleasure to meet you in person.
  6. First Ifr Flight

    We've had some personnel issues (turnover) that have us reeling, unable to really make any changes in how we're doing stuff like that. Once we get that stuff ironed out, and the new people in place, we'll take that on. We definitely have a need, but changing bus processes takes time, especially when we're as understaffed as we are. I've been recommending TS to others, though! Shaun
  7. Local Plane Crashes At Fredericksburg

    Were they on an IFR flight plan? Can we know? I got the sense from one of the news stories that they weren't on a flight plan at all. Could have been misdirection on the part of the reporter, though. Shaun
  8. Where To Buy Airplane Equipment In Town

    I saw that, flying over Lancaster the other day. Wondered what it was. I'll check it out. I'm down that way somewhat often, but usually on the weekends. Shaun
  9. First Ifr Flight

    Did you get the sale? That's the important thing. Shaun
  10. Where To Buy Airplane Equipment In Town

    Thanks for all the great advice! I'm pretty near Addison, so I'll have to check that area out tomorrow. Shaun
  11. Hello all, I need to purchase some airplane equipment, including a towbar and some chocks. Where to people go to buy that sort of thing around here? Do they order them online these days? I'd like to see and touch the things I'm about to buy, if possible, to make sure I'm getting the right thing. Shaun
  12. First Ifr Flight

    Oh man, that is some brutal IMC. I think that windsock was pointing straight down on takeoff! Congrats, Glyn! Shaun
  13. Lightspeed Lightflight Mach 1 Headset

    I'm interested. Do they work well in somewhat noisy airplanes? Searching around, I see some horror stories, including from Walt on this forum. Plus, they've been discontinued for a while, it seems. Is it even possible to get the accessories still? Shaun
  14. It's Official - We're Now The Rockin' M Airport!

    What's the definition of "destroyed"? In other words, what percentage of the disc has to be missing in order for a player to get a drop?