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  1. New Forum Tips

    1. Is there a way to go to the first new post in a thread? 2. Is there a way to hide the non posting activities on the activity view? The notes that say "So-in-so has joined the community"?
  2. Finally the forum is back amongst the living!

    This is exciting! I have been checking every few weeks. I saw the "Coming soon" message last week. I was very happy to see that.
  3. Would You Buy A Plane Just For Training?

    come to 52f $150 / month but T hanger so get what you pay for
  4. Would You Buy A Plane Just For Training?

    Assuming everything went according to plan, the savings may or may not outweigh the gamble. lets say 20 hours dual and 30 hours solo 150 / hour dual * 20 = 3000 110 / hour solo * 30 = 3300 No plane: 6600 for training If you buy a plane $50 / hour for fuel and $40 / instructor $90 / hour dual * 20 = 1800 $50 / hour solo * 30 = 1500 Buy a plane: 3400 for training you save 3200 (for training costs) You would still need to subtract monthly payment, hanger, insurance, maintenance from the savings. So it does save but in the grand scheme of things the savings is a smaller percentage than it seems. I did half my training in my instructors plane and half in a plane my father purchased. One oil change in our plane cost me $210 and a new battery cost me $425. Nav light went out and that was $60, Front tire replacement $220. It got cold and planes don't like to start cold so $165 to add a preheater. $90 to get a gas exhaust vent cleaned because mud dobbers clogged it up. Toss in a grand for annual and the savings may be spent gone *Note: this is a plane built in 1994. That is just some food for thought. The mission question that TexasHikerGal asked is most important. If you can get the training done and then buy a plane down the road and lessen the risk of maintenance bills during training and possibly being stuck with a plane you can't sell easily. it might be better to wait. but like she said, if you are wanting to fly just to fly, then get a 172. It gives you the ability to putt around but a little more legs and ability to carry some friends. So, a lot to think about but the what's your mission question is paramount. Keep throwing your ideas / questions here. Hope this helps a little.
  5. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    Would like more info on that. Why would a Sheriff's Deputy be doing this? What form of Ramp check could he be doing? Under what authority? Would they have any idea what they are looking for? Granbury Breakfasts are about to start up again and this would be off putting. I've been through a real ramp check once after landing at a closed airport. I was passenger not PIC. Nothing ever came of it.
  6. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    Absolutely! This was our second time to go. dogs and kids had a blast!
  7. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    My first real grass landing!!!
  8. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    Being able to fly makes a 24 hour vacation feel like a week long trip. Was disappointed we couldn't go to San Antonio but Mom and Dad were were watching the kids so by golly, we were going to fly somewhere Decided to try Cedar mills. Got there, did the landing and decided were were not too far from OKC. I have a friend that I have known since I was 9 months old and never flown with him. I called him up and he said he may have a break from his job. I called Will Rogers and they wanted $170 / night to tie down. I am somewhat financially strapped right now so pass... Called Wiley post and they were AWESOME!!!!!! Also that is where my dad learned to fly when he was my age so pretty cool! Tie down for 10 bucks but waive the fee if I bought 10 gallons. They said I could use their courtesy car overnight. So we flew up there and they were so nice to us. They found us the cheapest hotel that wasn't questionable and get ready for it, here was the courtesy car... I would have preferred a beat up old crown vic but nope, they gave us this building to drive around in. We hit a cool restaurant and brewery and my friend met us out for drinks after. This morning we were going to fly back but on a whim I called my friend and said "Hey, would you like to go flying?" He said "Heck yes, tell me when and where to be." So he met us at the airport and I got us up and gave him the controls and let him fly us to Guthrie OK. I think he had a freaking blast flying a plane and I am so glad to be able to share that with him. We flew to lunch after that and then came back and my wife and I set our course for 52F flight back was perfect. She was excited beyond belief Flew over a Marginal spot on the way home which is always beautiful Now I retrieved my kiddos, took them and the dogs to "Wiggly Field Dog park" to wear themselves all out. They are all sleeping soundly and I am ready for the work week!
  9. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

  10. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    No stopped in and had a coke while flight planning to Wiley Post. Wife taunted me by ordering a beer. Met a couple that sailed in there and they said we have to come back fr the food. Would be cool to rent a cabin out there if a few people were going down. They need to get rid of that tree at the end of the field. I will upload my takeoff video shortly. That got my heart going.
  11. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    Nailed it!
  12. Scrubbed my flight to San Antonio due to questionable weather tomorrow. 2nd choice... Flying to OKC to visit a friend and a stop at cedar mills along the way.
  13. Mini Thread Hijack Ken, I am flying to Austin this Saturday. Let me know if you want to meet for lunch / dinner / after hours on 6th street.
  14. interested but I know very little about it. How kid friendly is it?
  15. Put it on the calendar and we will be there.