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  1. I've been meaning to join the group for years as I have some great students who are members. I run Slipstream Aviation, the flight school at Dallas Executive airport (KRBD). We've been there for almost 12 years. Our fleet consists of 4 Grumman Cheetahs and 1 Piper Twin Comanche. We generally have 2 - 4 full time instructors on board. We'd love to help out with whatever your training needs are, either in your plane or ours. We're putting together a weekly ground school. It'll meet Thursday evenings, starting tomorrow, at 6:30pm. We're taking reservations through Eventbrite. Check out our listing here: Eventbrite-SlipstreamAviation Since it's new, we're starting in a small venue, the conference room at our FBO, so if you'd like to come, grab your reservation soon! We'll start with private pilot topics and put together the next week's lesson based on feedback from participants. See you around!