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  1. Taildraggers For Rent?

    Carol rents a cub and a decathalon down at Midway. I'm a member of the "cub club" (Metal Feathers) at Redbird and it's a fine operation. I've been a member for a year and have logged a total of 8 hours in the Cub. Not their fault - I've just been busy with other stuff. Robert
  2. It's Official - The Economy Is Back!

    Thought I recognized your voice! Robert
  3. Wow... The economy is definitely back. Two things have solidified that point for me recently: Last weekend my wife and I went to a charity auction that we've attended several times in the past. The bidding was nuts and they raised some serious cash! Completely different "vibe" than a couple of years ago and people clearly were OK spending money. Then, today coming back into Addison it was the biggest arrival furball I've ever seen. I couldn't get a word in edgewise on approach (they should have staffed 124.25 but didn't) for 10 minutes and I had to fly around for a bit dodging other airplanes doing the same thing. This was one of the VERY few times I would have seriously missed my traffic systems (I have 2 on the 421 and they were both going nuts). Landing at Addison there were 13 airplanes in line for departure. No clue what was going on, but everyone and their brother seemed to be flying this afternoon. Robert P.S. Spike - Were you heading to Boerne Stage this morning?
  4. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    Anson - Like it or not, it is the law, and has been for a long time (I don't know when the statement in question about having to present your pilot docs to LEO agents was added, but I think it was a LONG time ago - Pretty sure well before 9/11). In this case, the law is very clear and unambiguous. While I'm all for a good windmill tilt, this one isn't the right battle. Spend your energy on issues that are big ones - Like the DHS/CPB stops. Those are just insane. Robert
  5. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    Dunno. Doubt they could arrest you (well, at least and have it stick - LEOs have wide latitude in detaining people). There are criminal penalties for operating an airplane without have the correct certificates, but I don't recall where in the CFR they are. There has been a DHS/CPB flying floating around that tells the LEOs what to look for. Unfortunately, the early versions (can't comment on the current version) had some glaring errors that caused some problems. Basically, the doc said stuff that wasn't in the FARs and that was causing issues. 100% agreed, but I don't think that was happening at Granbury. All the conspiracy/anti-government guys on PoA kept trying to combine the two and that isn't doing anyone any good. The searches that have happened - 44 times is what a Congressman told me this weekend - are illegal as all hell and shouldn't be going on. This sort of stuff, however, is legal and actually makes some sense. Robert
  6. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    I've read through that thread, and frankly I think a lot of people on PoA are conspiracy theorists. Read the FAR's: Section 61.3(l)(3) states pretty clearly that you must present your certificate when requested by the FAA or any law enforcement type. I've copied it below for reference. Why was this LEO checking cred? Dunno, and it was probably a waste of time, but it's definitely legal. Robert 61.3(l) Inspection of certificate. Each person who holds an airman certificate, medical certificate, authorization, or license required by this part must present it and their photo identification as described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section for inspection upon a request from: (1) The Administrator; (2) An authorized representative of the National Transportation Safety Board; (3) Any Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer; or (4) An authorized representative of the Transportation Security Administration.
  7. Dhs "ramp Checks" At Granbury 2/22/2014?

    I've never really been concerned about "ramp checks", and in fact think they can be a good thing. It's basically just the FAA making sure people have the right paperwork and are legal to fly. I've worked hard for my certificate and ratings and to keep my airplane airworthy. There are people fling without certificates or medicals out there, and that does bug me. A ramp check is pretty basic - you have to show your certificate, medical, and the airplane airworthiness certificate (and maybe the W&B since it is required). That's about it. They can't board your airplane, nor can they prevent you from flying if you don't have logbooks, etc. Yes, you get some yahoos who will ask for things like "proof of BFR" or other such stuff - they can ask, but you don't have to carry your logbooks or the airplanes logbooks with you (and you shouldn't). If you don't have them, just say so, and if they push it ask them to give you a request in writing and you'll make copies and send them. We get "ramp checked" at every air show - no big deal, just show the FAA guy your credentials. Every once in a while they get dumb, but not often. I can't quote chapter and verse, but you do have to show docs to the local fuzz if they ask. You likely know more about the FARs than they do. Robert P.S. none of the above applies to these bizarre stops by DHS/CPB that have been reported recently. Those are a whole different animal and illegal as far as I can tell.
  8. Spot Tracker Anyone?

    That should be fine - no way we'll launch between now and then with everything else I have going on! I've sent you a PM. Robert
  9. Texas Gulf Coast Beach House Rentals?

    I've had lots of luck with VRBO and it's now my goto place for renting houses. Robert
  10. Spot Tracker Anyone?

    How long will you be gone? I've got one that I'm planning to use for a high altitude balloon project my son and I are working on. Robert
  11. First Grass Landing In T Minus 1 Hour.

    I miss cedar mills... I may have to try the 421 out there. Robert
  12. Interesting timing - I've been kicking this around as well. I flew into the Lajitas airport last year and rented a couple of jeeps from them (we were staying at the basin in the national park). They were fine to deal with and not too snobby. However, I'm really interested in flying into the state park. They have a 5500 ft strip that has no services but is a mile away from the main range station and guest house. Looks like they converted the old ranch house into a place to stay. I've been interested in putting the backpack into the plane, and maybe a bike, and heading out there, but have no idea what to expect. Are there any places to camp near the airport (within 5-10 miles hiking distance)? Is the airport in a pretty area of the park or in the middle of nowhere? I'd love a pirep. Also interested in just heading out there one weekend... Robert
  13. New Here...and I'm Canadian!

    Welcome Mark! I'm confused - do you live in Dallas now or still in Canada? I lived in Toronto from age 9-13 or so and loved it. Great town! I was also involved in the oil biz for a while... Figured I was using enough gas I might as well figure out where it came from! Robert
  14. Another Great Trip

    Very cool! I've always wanted to island hop... Robert
  15. Another Great Trip

    A lot of these trips are doable in just about any airplane (well, OK, not the Cub!). Yes, it will take a little longer and may require a stop, but certainly doable. I traveled all over the country in a rented (RFC) Bonanza before I got my 210. I do think an Instrument rating is mandatory for serious travel. Not only the paper itself, but actual real currently and experience in the system. Sunday's return was a classic example - Airborne I realized that I would need to shoot an approach, and it wasn't a big deal at all. If I was VFR, I would have been grounded. Each step up in airplane capability opens up missions, but I have done the same trip I did this weekend in a T210 several times, and I know lots of guys who do similar trips in Bonanzas. Just more comfortable/faster/etc in the 421! Robert