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  1. Reloaders

    I've been reloading since 1985 and have a well used Dillon RL550B. I stock for my own personal shooting habits over 60lbs of powder of different types and tens of thousands of primers an such. I've found Southwest ammunition supply to be a good source they are in Mesquite, Texas 972-285-3644 206 W. Davis Street. Southwest ammunition supply is pretty much set up for reloading they do sell fixed ammunition tho. I like Midway Supply for bullets and cases. Paul
  2. Stella Maris

    I got here on the 22nd and most likely will round out the month here. What nice weather. About to go on my first shark dive and love my new hobby. We need to arrange a fly-over here with a group sometime for divers, fishers and loungers. Paul
  3. Micro-rant: Texas Winter Weather

    Relief tubes are a wonderful thing to have. I've installed Osborne tip tanks to another 60' Comanche and it worked out very well for the owner. It's about 5-8 Kts faster at 8,000 and gives you 150 gross weight increase whether it's fuel or payload and landings are improved I would love to help organize a dive/drink/sunburn trip to the Caribbean sometime soon when I get back home from work in May if anyone is interested. Paul
  4. Micro-rant: Texas Winter Weather

    Me too, I flew out to MYLS (Stella Maris) on Thursday because I wanted warm instead of cold. Already waisted four scuba tanks of air and dove Dean's "Blue Hole" today. First time to pass 135 ft on a dive. The weather has turned cold, it's a chilly 75*. Check out what my old Comanche can do... Flight aware tail number N9070P. I filled up at Sherman and departed Airpark Dallas, flew direct to Long Island. About 1360 NM!
  5. Does Kads Charge Landing Fee If You Are Just Passing Through?

    F69 Dallas Airpark is easy in, easy out but the taxiway are rough. Driving in, enter off of W Plano PKWY near the hangars. Paul
  6. Robert, The local controllers put this requirement to contact approach control into ATIS almost ten years ago and sometimes I comply, sometimes I don't. If you are not inside the bravo airspace already, there is no rule in the FARs to contact approach when landing at Airpark, you just have to establish contact with the tower before entering class D airspace. To qualify this, I do have traffic avoidance "TIS-A" built in and keep a close watch as this is a very congested airspace at times. I will contact approach based on the amount of area traffic that I see on TIS. We have a special dispensation for a lower pattern altitude of 1200 MSL and we hold that till final, that keeps us below KADS pattern alt. Too many pilots have adopted a B-52 pattern when landing at Addison and that puts them right over F69. Paul.
  7. I have two aircraft based at F69 and it works for me. If you are used to a sixty foot wide runway then Airpark will be a challenge. I've been here for 15 years and landed my Comanche there this morning and the runway is okay, it's where you park that you will have to be careful. Because of the recent rain there are potholes developing on some of the taxiways. If you avoid the holes, you'll be okay. Be sure to contact Addison tower on 126.0, ATIS on 133.4 prior to entering the class delta airspace.
  8. Fire At T14!

    Walt, You feed the cats and dogs too much... Cut way back on cat and dog food and the critters will start disappearing.
  9. A hail from South Iraq! Walt, The only thing that will replace a 250/260 Comanche is a 400 Commanche. What a freaking ride! Paul
  10. If you can get it to F69 Dallas Airpark, I'll charge it up with N2. Paul 214-682-9947
  11. I hardly ever start a post but I wanted to thank Walt for being so gracious and inviting us over. The BBQ was excellent and so was all the company and camaraderie. It was nice to finally meet some of the other board members and watch Walt fly the powerd parachute. This is what a flying community is all about. Paul
  12. The Tango 14 Thread

    Walt was missing at that time but Steve and I enjoyed your air show. T28, right?
  13. The Tango 14 Thread

    Walt, Thank you very much for letting Steve and me use the range. We had a very good time and was able to tune up the LR308 and my 7 mag so I'm ready for deer season. What a nice place you have. I hope we did not make too much noise. Paul
  14. Flight Following Query

    Every IFR or VFR flight plan I have ever filed and flown have shown up on flight aware tracking but it's hit and miss if you only use flight follow. The controllers do something different at times for the local stuff. Paul
  15. Too bad, the BBQ was good. If I had thought about it I would have flown over and picked you up. The heater in my Comanche works too well. Paul