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  1. Finally the forum is back amongst the living!

    ...if only we could bring back Walt, et al. :-( But, we'll always remember!
  2. It's Official - The Economy Is Back!

    The things we can do with these airplanes, that simply could not work without. Leave Addison at 7:00-ish Thursday morning; fly to Boerne Stage (nice place, nice peeps), hop into a rental car (I forgot to reserve, lucky break they had a returned one I could take), walked into the seminar I was attending for two days (La Cantera Resort) at a quarter to nine, missed nothing at all. Friday, seminar gavel comes down at 3:50 PM, zip back to Boerne Stage, hop over to San Marcos (about 18 minutes or so, nice to loaf along low and slow and look at stuff). Tall hairy son picked me up and I got to buy supper for him and for his older cousin Carolyn, then back to the airport and off to Addison. Back home before 9:00 PM. Pure magic. My partner and associate left the seminar the same time I did, drove straight to KSAT and, thanks in part to weather out west, they got home only a little after I did. Ha!
  3. It's Official - The Economy Is Back!

    Yes, I was... and I am headed home tonight (after a quick hop over to San Marcos for supper with my boy).
  4. I'm in town, I'm there, Ron's a good egg. You'll learn well!
  5. Heh. Can't put words in your mouth, Troy!
  6. Photo Mission Near Dfw Airport

    I have a friend who'd like to take some pictures of a project he did at the American Airlines HQ from the air; My gut feeling is that this is too close to DFW, but I did not know whether, by appropriate prior arrangement and careful control of altitude and location, it might be something I could coordinate. I know I have heard photo missions coordinated with Regional Approach before; Anyone have experience or suggestions you might offer before I pick up the phone?
  7. Starting Cold Engine

    Bryan, if you are running AeroShell 100 (which is a good oil), you should seriously consider preheating when it is cold. I have a Tanis system on my Bo, and with the engine warmed-up, it starts like July. Without, it takes several passes before the engine wants to overcome the thick oil. Just a thought.
  8. There was some discussion around the Cutler manse of possibly hosting a burger-cooking and eating event at our log shack, possibly followed by a pilgrimage to Luckenbach. Any interest? It would, of course, require sufficient people securing ground transport. The rental cars from the FBO are very good. Great FBO at T82. Enterprise also has a franchise in town, if the FBO cars are all taken-up.
  9. Dfw Class Bravo Modifications

    Generally speaking, if you try to get into ADS without sequncing through Regional Approach, you'll be denied and instructed to contact APP. It's universally part of the ATIS that "...all VFR arrivals to Addison contact Regional Approach on 124.3.." (or 124.25). Question is, will Regional Approach controllers be willing to give Bravo clearances to VFR inbounds and still allow them to come in at the 2,500' which is the routine inbound altitude now? No way anyone (like me) will be comfortable with flying at exactly the floor of the Bravo.
  10. Dfw Class Bravo Modifications

    You read it right.
  11. Bring your Mama? As for me, my mom and mother in law are both gone, but the lady I decided I was adopting as my new mom lives in Fredericksburg, so that's just gravy!
  12. Sorry we arrived a tetch late, but what a treat. I echo the thanks to Bryan for nudging this along.
  13. Who'd want a Ferrari, when they have this:
  14. Mount Magazine State Park

    Very nice, indeed! I love Arkansas.
  15. I have the coolest car in Gillespie County. Just sayin'.