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    PA22. Flown in Aeronca 7AC. Aviat 1A&B. Beech K35, E33,C90. Bucker. Decathalon, Citabria. C140-152-170-172-175-182-206. DC3. Ercoupe. Extra. Fairchild 24R,T31. Glasair. Long EZ. Luscombe. Maule. Meyers OTW. M20. Navion, SNJ-2. PA11-12-16-18-L21-22-23-28-32. Sikorsky S-38. Stearman. 108-1,-2. BC12-D
  1. Campout & Barbecue October 4-6, 2013 Airshow performers and outstanding aircraft commemorate 102 years of Ranger Airfield. Friday evening hamburgers and airshow. Field closed Friday 6:50-7:30p and Saturday 1:00-2:30p. Breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Barbecue served to pilots and passengers Saturday before airshow. Nice 3400 ft. grass runway. Showers available as well as rides to hotels. Visit: rangerairfield.org
  2. C47 was among aircraft able to fly in between storms. 37 of 37 smoked briskets were served or sold. 3 of 6 six airshow acts were able to perform.
  3. Memorial Day Weekend Fly-In & Airshow at one of Texas' oldest airfields. Showers available for campers. Airshow Friday evening (Field closed 7:00p-7:30p for evening airshow) Lions Club Breakfast Saturday morning. BBQ served to pilots and passengers Saturday 11:30. (Field closed Sat. 1:00p-2:00p for airshow) Great 3415 ft. grass runway. Show your support for the volunteer-supported field by bringing your aircraft and spreading the word. RSVP always appreciated. Visit our website. http://www.rangerairfield.org Flyer13.pdf
  4. Please "Like" Ranger Airfield's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/RangerAirfield Ranger Airfield is supported by volunteers and it needs your help to ensure its survival. Just a "Like" helps convey you support its continued existence. Also, a link on the FB page takes visitors to the airfield's website. Fly-In & Airshow No.6 will take place Memorial Day weekend 2013. Again, there will be an evening airshow on Friday - May 24, and an airshow Saturday - May 25. Showers are available for campers. BBQ for pilots and passengers.
  5. The Barn Cub albums and 48-state Cub Trip gallery at www.rangerairfield.org can now be viewed on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Barn Cub visited 21 states on the journey and J3 N88569 visited 40. In total I journeyed 114 flying days to visit our lower 48. I would do it again in a heartbeat. And I think I will...when Barn Cub is re-restored. Blue skies to you all.
  6. Barn Cub Lost! Jared Is Ok...

    Hi all. Good to read your uplifting comments at this time. I did have hull insurance on Barn Cub. Such a devastating turn. Even though she was very special to me it is still just an airplane. Very thankful I was solo. In short, after takeoff it was performing as though the carb heat was on. The shoulder harness saved my life. Please install them in your airplane. I plan to salvage all I can so our Barn Cub will soar again. I will rebuild in the same fashion to ensure the authenticity of what a Cub looked like out of the Lock Haven factory, at least on October 7, 1946. I will miss each of you very much at OSH and the Heritage Trophy event at Reno. I will post more after release from hospital. Fly safe everybody.
  7. I knew nothing about the Cub. Just luck, or divine intervention. How ever you choose to look at it. Here's how I wrote of first knowing it was out there: It wasn't for sale. The family was actually considering donating it to the museum. They apparently notified only this museum a day earlier.
  8. It's been a lot of fun! I hope people see the airplane and adventures we've flown and are inspired to do something they have always dreamed about. The Cub and I have flown to 14 states spanning 3200 miles so far.
  9. I'd say 75% was useable. For instance 3 of the 4 aluminum spars were good. 4 of the 26 ribs had to be replaced. The fuselage was in great shape once we found the pitting to be minimal. I paid a professional aircraft welder to replace maybe 4 feet of tubing total. BUT... I did but install new leading edges, bow tips, false spars, a trailing edge, and root fairings. The engine was in good condition but all parts were sent off for inspection anyway. Only two lifter bodies didn't pass.
  10. Thank you all. I had never covered or painted anything in my life. Anyone can learn and make it look good. Just pay attention to detail - and be ready to paint some parts twice.
  11. Piper Cub Video Movie of the Cub I restored at Ranger Airfield.
  12. I just returned from a 4 week, 3200 mile, 14 state trip in the Barn Cub to host the 5th Fly-In & Airshow at Ranger Airfield. Make plans to spend part of your weekend with us and help keep Ranger Airfield open. Jared Calvert Ranger Airfield Fly-In & Airshow No.5 May 25-26, 2012 RSVP always appreciated. Visit: www.rangerairfield.org Showers available for campers. Hamburgers and Airshow Friday evening (Field closed Fri. 7:00-7:30 p.m.) BBQ lunch served to pilots and passengers Saturday 11:30. (Field closed Sat. 1:00-2:00 p.m. for airshow) No registration, camping or attendance fees. 3415 ft. grass runway in good condition. (162 aircraft of many types attended in 2010) Show your support of the volunteer-supported field by bringing your aircraft and spreading the word.
  13. Everything was set up for another record year at Ranger, but a stationary front to the north and compressional warming caused by a high to the south had different plans. More simply, it was very hot, and very windy. What a difference wind makes. One pilot said he had cruise speeds of 35 mph on part of the flight over in his Piper Cub. One gentleman bucked a headwind in his Cessna 120 all the way from OKC. The VFW’s Friday fish fry was great, the Lions served a good breakfast on Saturday and 24 of the 30 briskets were had for lunch before Saturday’s airshow. Some of the older aircraft to attend included a Howard DGA, Culver Cadet and Bücker Jungmann. A 1944 P-51D performed in the airshow. David Martin piloted “Happy Jack’s Go Buggyâ€, the 2008 Oshkosh Grand Champion, for its first appearance at Ranger. Other performers included Tony Wood in his Sukhoi, Julia Wood in her Pitts, Ron Cain in his 1950 de Havilland Chipmunk, and Scott Lane in his Pitts S-2B. Ranger Airfield’s First Landing Centennial occurs this November. To know that this small plot of land has been serving aviators for 100 years is exciting. That first landing on November 24, 1911 by a Wright B was long before Ranger’s main street was bustling with Model Ts, long before P-51s were kicking butt in Europe, long before a Cub was parked in a barn, and long before I was hosting fly-ins at Ranger. So much has changed. It took that wood crate 112 days to fly from California to Florida 100 years ago. We’ve come so far in so many ways as Americans and yet at times we yearn for the old days. While so much has changed, Ranger Airfield hasn’t. We don’t have a paved runway, we don’t have lights, we lack fuel, we don’t even have a telephone. What we do have is a grass runway and a brick floor hangar. And for one weekend a year, that’s all we need. Jared Calvert See more photos at www.rangerairfield.org